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We have partnerships and collaborations with companies and research institutes that share our principles of innovation, agility, clarity, performance and data security to generate added value by using our synergies. To achieve this, we combine our expertise and thus profit from our respective experiences, mindsets and innovations. In these cases the result of the sum of 1 and 1 is more than 2.

With the company interfacewerk we have found a partner that stands for the highest of standards in usability. The experienced team of interfacewerk has set itself the goal to design user interfaces that are clear and comprehensible for non-IT-experts. They guarantee this comprehensibility with extensive tests with users at each step of the development process. This is also for the benefit of Glanos’ customers as we use the user interfaces designed by interfacewerk for our products and solutions and thus allow an easy and intuitive control for specialists and non-specialists. In this way cross-team collaboration becomes a feasible reality.

Further information on interfacewerk: www.interfacewerk.de

With the help of various professional collaborations and a continuous exchange with Dr. Bernd Bischl, Professor for Computational Statistics at the LMU München, we extend/develop our technologies and thus guarantee that they are always state-of-the-art. Prof. Bischl’s research interests lie in the fields of machine learning, model-choosing model-based optimization as well as statistical software and parallel computing. He is an active developer of a variety of R software packages and particularly one of the main developers of mlr (machine learning in R), BatchJobs / BatchExperiments and parallelMap.

Further information on Prof. Dr. Bischl the professorial chair for Computational Statistics: http://www.statistik.lmu.de/~bischl/

We welcome cooperation requests of universities and companies for development and research projects. For students we offer the opportunity to write their Bachelor or Master Thesis as a student trainee in-house or externally. In these cases we offer access to exciting, practice-relevant questions and data.

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