Business Data and Leads

Everyone who has worked with purchased or licensed business data can probably tell a tale about its shortcomings. Due to the nature of how this data is traditionally compiled, typical disadvantages are

  • a lot of stale data
  • duplicate entries
  • Irrelevant and dubious entries (e.g. non-trading businesses)
  • The most interesting entries (e.g. startups, hidden champions) are missing
  • Outdated categorization systems
  • Missing attributes and/or poor fill rates

Glanos can help here. Glanos has built its own database of company information that has grown over many years and uniquely provides rich data. Our database is updated at least once a month. Our company data are primarily obtained from company websites and filtered by smart algorithms so that we achieve an optimal trade-off between high quality and completeness with regard to relevant companies.

What are the characteristics of the Glanos business database?

  • A global company database based on the source closest to companies: more than 30 million company websites
  • Virtually complete coverage of all corporate websites in the US, UK and Germany
  • Available in more than 40 other markets, including countries where reliable business data is difficult to obtain (South America, Middle East, China and India)
  • Standard attributes such as name, contact details and industry plus cross-linking to the social media profiles of companies such as official Twitter or Youtube channels
  • Merging signals to companies from news, press releases, analyst reports and content from corporate websites for a 360-degree view of companies

How can the Glanos company database be used?

The Glanos company database is usually delivered on the basis of a selection as an export file in formats such as csv, XML or JSON. A response via APIs is possible with large query volumes and as individual customization.