Data Science Solutions

In times of Big Data un- and semi-structured data such as emails, reports, invoices data bases, documents, web site pages as well as texts and post in forums and social networks become more and more important as they provide important information for business decisions. It is crucial for enterprises to gather, analyse, understand and interpret this information to stay competitive and to gain a head start on their competitors.

We have developed an agile, interactive software platform for un- and semi-structured data, which helps you to run analyses for specific purposes regarding the areas of Marketing, Ecommerce, Compliance and more across teams and functions.

Advantages of our Data Science Solutions in short:

  • Analysis and processing of un- and semistructured data such as emails, documents, reports, website and social media content, forums posts and databases.
  • Extraction and interpretation of relevant Information from external and internal data.
  • Correction, enhancement and validation of existing data and information
  • Integration of domain experts thanks to a user-friendly dashboard developed according to the latest insights in user experience.
  • Chance to collaborate within and across teams and functions.
  • Combination of state of the art technologies from the fields of statistics, NLP, cognitive computing, computational linguistics and computer sciences.


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