DataSphere – our suite for experts

Glanos DataSphere – our ´expert solution´ for customers who need a deep integration of our text analytics solution into their processes, workflows and business logic. For them we have a specialized product for maximum transparency and individualization – DataSphere.

At the same time, we use it every day internally as a tool to ensure our exceptional precision and coverage.

Glanos DataSphere is a collaborative web interface that brings all project participants together without friction losses:

  • Business & Project Owner
  • Scrum Master & Project Manager
  • Subject matter experts
  • Researcher
  • Consultants
  • Developers

Maximum transparency throughout the project and in production.

Avoid friction losses – all insights arising in the course of the project are distributed in one place instead of many Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Wiki, e-mail documents. Tests are not hidden in the code of the developers, but transparent for all project participants. Agile processes are ideally supported.

The DataSphere Suite consists of several modules:

  • Coordinated recording of business logic hand-in-hand with business experts
  • Collaborative annotation of a gold standard including target-performance comparison
  • Live testing of arbitrary examples & depositing of unit tests
  • Inspecting and Changing Keyword Tables
  • Integration into agile processes

All modules are collaborative, the status is consistent and free of version conflicts at all times, Merge & Propose/Publish processes are transparently supported.


Unravel your data step by step!

Rules are developed jointly in an agile environment across teams and functions including the knowledge of experts. The decision which rules are actually used is made by the product owner respectively the team leader. Rules in the DataSphere are entered in prose to make sure that the correct rules for processing data are applied.

The rules in prose from the domain experts are converted into rules that the DataSphere is able to process. To guarantee the quality of the results the rules can be adjusted by an in-house Content Researcher as needed improving the results additionally.

The data is processed and analysed with the help of our linguistic text mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. These technologies ensure that texts are understood on a deep level including context, sentiments and writing styles so that the information is interpreted correctly.

Rules are corrected continuously by checking the results and the extracted information as well as by random comparative tests. Fine tuning and monitoring of final results by Glanos or the in-house Content Researcher.

Results from data analysis are visualized in a clear and easily understandable way or summarized in the form of a dossier for the evaluation by analysts and administrators. Every step can be tracked at any time to correct mistakes whenever it becomes necessary by adjusting the rules.

A user-friendly, collaborative dashboard designed according to the latest insights on user experience makes it easier to operate the DataSphere. A differentiated user administration allows a fine-tuned granting of access rights to avoid faulty entries. It allows every team member the insight he needs for his work.