Let yourself be convinced on the basis of your own data by having them analysed by us in a Proof of Concept project

In this way you get valuable insights into your data and a realistic and validated evaluation about what kind of added value you can generate with which effort.

Goals of the Proof of Concept

  • Identification of potential use for data (e.g. better basis for decision-making, marketing purposes, to optimize your processes or to reduce manual labour,…)
  • Connecting the insights extracted from the data to existing expert knowledge to generate rules for data processing
  • Development of a concept for a quality management tool to further improve the quality of your data

We lead you to a successful Proof of Concept with a thorough project plan

Project Preparation

In the first phase of your Proof of Concept we lay the foundation for a successful progression of the project. First of all you learn more about how we extract and analyse your data from our experts. After that all data to be analysed is extracted with our Glanos extraction tools.

  • Identification and provision of data
  • Cleansing of data

Project Start

Now we can get started. At first our specialists gain an overview over the data provided. In the next step we organize a joint workshop to discuss the main focus points of the project so that we really understand what is needed and what you really would like to achieve by the Proof of Concept.

  • Screening of data provided
  • Definition of the project’s main focus

Project Realization

During the realization of the Proof of Concept our experts concentrate on analysing your data. The main focus is on checking the extracted data for its potential use with our text mining and information extraction methods. After this we develop rules to make the data usable for you purposes in a joint workshop.

  • Linguistic analysis of data by using text mining and information extraction tools
  • Collecting and connecting the expert knowledge available to develop data processing rules
  • Quality analysis of your data and the data processing rules

Project Completion

At the end of the project we present the results of the project to the management of your enterprise. Now it is up to you if you decide to work with the Glanos solution in the future. Are you convinced that we can generate an added value from your data? Then we are looking forward to working together in the future!

  • Presentation of results
  • Suggestions for additional analysis and usage of your data
  • Decision about employing the Glanos solution permanently

Our Approach