Text Mining / NLP

Our solutions use methods of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to grasp the complexity of human language. In this way, we ensure that text is understood in a deeper way, which makes it possible to understand contextual relations, emotions or writing styles, such as irony. Only in this way can you be sure that the information gathered from text is interpreted correctly and can be used as the basis for decisions. For this, we use extensive morphological dictionaries as well as computational linguistic know-how and resources built up over many years.

Text Classification

The rising flood of data makes it necessary to sort, filter and classify information. Without this pre-processing it is very time consuming and cost intensive to find information. Our text classification tools are ideally suited for this pre-processing. We generate our classification rules on the basis of existing texts and develop them continuously to improve the results constantly.

Web Mining und Extractions

We use our Web Mining tools to dig deep into the Deep Web to excavate hidden data treasures. In combination with our robust extraction tools, which are able to understand context and interpret content correctly, you also get detailed and correct information reliably – even from unstructured or poorly structured data, such as emails, documents and other texts.

Cognitive Computing

We use Cognitive computing to handle vast amounts of data. We make the algorithms we use in our data processing transparent so that people can interact with them. Our algorithms for processing data communicate interactively with human beings and other electronic sources. They are very adaptable and learn independently. They are capable of adapting to changes in information and to reinterpreting that information as needed, and they understand context so that “raw data” becomes valuable information.

Smart Data

The identification of valid and relevant sources of information is crucial in the digital age in order to be prepared for the rising flood of data. This is the only way to detect and extract the really relevant information. We provide you with the correct interpretation, a visualisation and an abstract of this information so that you can use it for your purposes, and thus, turn Big Data into Smart Data.

Quality Management

We have developed a special quality management tool that continually controls the quality of the extracted data and the information thus gained. For this, we check and improve the extraction rules automatically and with random tests. In this way, we guarantee that you always get data and information with the same quality.