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Mail and Email Management

Companies have to cope with a big flood of incoming mail and email today. Manual sorting and integration into the right business workflow is time and cost intensive. While standard solutions in the area of Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) can help to cut costs, they usually don’t go beyond simple keyword and pattern matching and are therefore unable to robustly analyse natural language in all its variations. High-quality results can only be achieved by time-consuming optimization of rule sets and with manual post-correction, which is expensive and requires specialized in-house knowledge.

Glanos offers a solution that both enormously improves and speeds up your Mail Management process – the Glanos MailQualifier.  It has the following features:

  • Recognition of complicated logical and textual contexts
  • Reduction of manual post-processing
  • Continuous improvement of the rule set and process optimization:
    • Monitoring of old rules and generation of new ones
    • Visual Representation of detected errors and their cause
    • Making existing and new rules transparent
    • Elimination of errors in the rule set
  • Integration of the ‘human factor’ into manual validation
    • Feeding of human intelligence into the validation process
    • Flexible deployment of employees without specialized knowledge