Text Analytics

Un- and semi-structured data such as emails, documents, reports, website content, social media and forums posts provide us with valuable information. The exponential data growth makes it more and more important for enterprises in global competition to filter this information from the data flood and interpret it according to their requirements.

We have developed a solution to enable you to analyse data and extract important information. You will get all relevant facts regarding your question. This information will be interpreted and analysed to become important corner stones for your business decisions.

Advantages of our solution at a glance:

  • It extracts all truly relevant information concerning your problem.
  • It takes in account all language phenomena such as syntax, meaning etc. and not only keywords.
  • It grasps spelling mistakes, grammatical incorrectness and non-logical structures.
  • It understands context by using local grammars.
  • It comprises extensive knowledge from various areas of expertise (domains), e.g. Human Resources, Automotive and finance industry as well as health services.
  • It is built transparently so that customers can develop it themselves.

Our Text Mining Suite contains among others Named Entity Recognition (Recognition and classification of names) as well as Relation Discovery and Sentiment Analysis.