Are you looking for an assistant who reads all available business relevant texts of the world non-stop, sorts them out according to your interests and presents them to you summarized?

bi.glanos – The AI Business Platform – your key for success and guideline into a new generation

Get a deep and comprehensive insight into companies and markets using this intelligent web-based tool. We use artificial intelligence to analyze news, websites feeds and various professional databases for you to evaluate companies, topics, and market profiles. Our algorithms detect contradictory information and fake news – we provide the basis for knowledge-based, rational decision-making processes.  

What are the advantages compared to traditional business monitoring?


Our platform provides added value for the following areas

  • Know your Customer (KYC): Continuous monitoring of customers
  • Customer Onboarding Screening
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Competitor Watch
  • Market Intelligence
  • Tech Scouting: Rising Topics and Companies
  • Industry Insights
  • Risk Assessment

Professions who can gain benefit from the platform

What does the process look like from access, to intake, to analyze?

  • Extensive sources such as press releases, 3rd party news APIs, company websites, newsrooms, own news crawling, blogs, user-generated content.
  • Own company databases
  • Deep Natural Language Processing & Understanding (NLP, NLU)
  • Neural Networks & Deep Learning
  • semantic parsing
  • Sentiment Detection

How can the platform be used?

bi.glanos is an independent web interface, no installation is necessary.

Three different editions to capture your needs