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About Glanos

What we do

At our core, we analyze free text with the best methods available. We combine our own international business data with global news monitoring.

Your clients expect swift and consistent work from you - we help you to utilize internal data through anonymization and add external data through business news monitoring and ESG monitoring as well as business data services.

Who we are
  • Munich-based AI company
  • over 10 years experience
  • highly motivated dev-team
  • Combining AI, natural language processing (NLP) and business data.
What we have done so far

International customer base ranging from Fortune500 to start-ups across multiple industries such as finsurance, platforms and strategic consulting.

Track record of successful collaborations with long-term positive impact on customers.

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Our Portfolio

News Monitoring

If you don't know you cannot act.

Monitor business-relevant news collaboratively as a team to inform stakeholders and participants more comprehensively and quicker than ever before.

  • Our collaborative AI platform constantly ingests several thousand news sources and determines their relevancy using novel NLP technologies.
  • Relevant company and market signals are extracted, condensed and enhanced for searching, sorting and compiling.
  • More and better research work can be done in a shorter period of time.

Use our ready-made products

or talk to us about monitoring your specific topics.


Compliant handling of documents containing private and confidential data.

Across you business units and with your external partners.

  • GDPR compliant removal of private data so that documents can be shared with external contractors (e.g. translators)
  • Enable AI/ML Analytics on sensitive documents

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Business Data

Get access to the wealth of data in the web.

Scanning the world wide web and other public sources for open data according to specific needs

  • Glanos’ worldwide business database with granular, up-to-date business information
  • Can be used for lead generation and lead qualification
  • Data hunting / crawling and data transformation on request

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[ Our Mission ]

Shaping the Future

Translating Real Business Logic

We believe that real business value can be gained from news and other complex textual data if the AI is able to map business logic and existing workflows to the intrinsic structures of natural language.

Glanos NLP

Glanos NLP has an inbuilt knowledge and real understanding of the intricacies and ambiguities of language.

There is no magic spell which makes a machine learning AI learn this automatically, regardless how big a language model is.

Glanos has forged over the years a powerful AI bringing together traditional rule-based approaches with modern machine learning methods.


We believe that trusting the results of an AI machine is as important as algorithms.

AI must be explainable and traceable. We humans need to have complete control over what is happening.

Enter Glanos NLP.

[ Ready to Use ]

Cloud Products

AI driven redaction of personal & confidential information in text

Next Generation
Business Monitoring

Next Generation
AI driven
ESG Monitoring

[ Mission ]

Passion for NLP

Made in Germany

We love what we do and do it with the thorough spirit of German engineers.

Cutting Edge

Build on years of experience. Best-in-class precision and recall for consistent and time-efficient processing.


All products can be adjusted to your needs and your specific business processes.

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What Our Customers Say

"Thanks to our long and trustful partnership with Glanos, we are market leader for our AI-product today. Their combination of the powerful AI with the possibility of individual adjustments to our needs is internationally on the highest level."
Dr. Frank Becker
Senior Manager, Deloitte Deutschland
"We look back with appreciation at many years of successful cooperation with Glanos. The reliability and quality of Glanos products and data feeds were demonstrated in various use cases in the area of text mining and b2b data."
Frank Wenz
Area Director DACH, Bisnode Deutschland
"Together with Glanos, our team developed a prototype AI-based classification and attribute extraction for incoming customer communication. Glanos also provided an anonymization component that helped us to create a large number of training documents with little to no manual labor. Overall, our experience with Glanos was very satisfying."
Marco Vellmete
Hauptabteilungsleiter Schadenmanagement, VKB Konzern
"jameda is Germany's largest portal for physicians and patients. Glanos with their expertise in text analytics, retrieval and modern search interfaces assisted us in refining and fine-tuning our search engine that needs to process queries from millions of users each month."
Simon Korchmar
Product Manager, jameda GmbH
"In order to automate our job processing pipeline, Glanos helped us to build models that allow to auto-classify job offers in various languages and according to complex taxonomies. Together, we achieved accuracy rates that competes with human input. We were able to scale up the number of processed job offers by utilizing Glanos' AI".
Mariia Sudmann
Head of Data Services, Experteer GmbH
"Glanos swiftly developed a lead generation and scoring model that provided high quality B2B leads with almost no "noise" and a good rate of unique and convertible prospects. Results were delivered in-time and communication was smooth and constructive."
Markus Mittendorf
Abteilungsleiter CRM, Messe Frankfurt
[ Made in Munich ]

Our Team


Business Development


Computational Linguistics & Quality Management


Backend und Agile Coach


Angular-Development & Data Scientist




Software Development & Data Science


Linguistics & Quality Management


Computational Linguistics & Software Development

[ Experience ]


Dr. Christian Bauer

Dr. Christian Bauer

[ co-founder and tech-guru ]

Working for 12y+ in text-mining, AI and NLP, he drives the development of our AI. He received his summa-cum-laude doctoral degree at TU Munich on mathematical models in fluid mechanics but now found his passion in analyzing language with mathematical models.
Dr. Gerhard Rolletschek

Dr. Gerhard Rolletschek

[ co-founder and data-guru ]

Having his background in humanities (medieval literature), he received his doctorate degree in computational linguistics at CIS, LMU Munich. and he is Glanos’ expert for data hunting and company data. He is an Alumnus of „Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes“.

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