Data to boost your business

Automate ESG monitoring, news monitoring, document anonymization and B2B data acquisition via AI! Our NLP expertise provides you with the basis for your B2B market analysis in no time at all.

Get better leads:

In-depth and comprehensive B2B data for your custom-tailored lead generation, scoring, market research and analytics.

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Be one step ahead:

Automated monitoring and event extraction from global premium news sources - get relevant and structured news for your needs.

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Monitor ESG risks:

Get signals and news events in the area of sustainability and ESG (environment - social - governance).

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De-risk documents:

Automatically anonymize or pseudonymize personal and sensitive data in unstructured data with a self-learning AI.

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Our customers

Make better decisions based on data

We relieve researchers and analysts from repetitive manual tasks and multiply your efficiency, from small businesses to large companies.
Your advantage

Our expertise and experience in the area of text mining, business data and news monitoring help to create transparent, adjustable and highly accurate solutions for acquiring, processing and refining large data sets.

Working with us

We build our core products using the best available NLP methods, our own proprietary software stack and many years of experience. We offer licensing and package prices that fit every size of project - from first prototypes to large scale enterprise solutions.

Over 10 years of experience

For more than 10 years we combine AI, Natural Language Processing and business data to help our customers feed crucial data into their processes

Customer success stories

From Fortune500 to start-ups:
We cultivate lasting successful collaborations with long-term positive impact for our customers.
``Thanks to our long and trustful partnership with Glanos, we are market leader for our AI-product today. Their combination of the powerful AI with the possibility of individual adjustments to our needs is internationally on the highest level.``
Dr. Frank BeckerSenior Manager, Deloitte Deutschland
``We look back with appreciation at many years of successful cooperation with Glanos. The reliability and quality of Glanos products and data feeds were demonstrated in various use cases in the area of text mining and B2B data.``
Frank WenzArea Director DACH, Bisnode Deutschland
``Together with Glanos, our team developed a prototype AI-based classification and attribute extraction for incoming customer communication. Glanos also provided an anonymization component that helped us to create a large number of training documents with little to no manual labor. Overall, our experience with Glanos was very satisfying.``
Marco VellmeteHauptabteilungsleiter Schadenmanagement, VKB Konzern
``jameda is Germany's largest portal for physicians and patients. Glanos with their expertise in text analytics, retrieval and modern search interfaces assisted us in refining and fine-tuning our search engine that needs to process queries from millions of users each month.``
Simon KorchmarProduct Manager, jameda GmbH
``In order to automate our job processing pipeline, Glanos helped us to build models that allow to auto-classify job offers in various languages and according to complex taxonomies. Together, we achieved accuracy rates that compete with human input. We were able to scale up the number of processed job offers by utilizing Glanos' AI.``
Mariia SudmannHead of Data Services, Experteer GmbH
``Glanos swiftly developed a lead generation and scoring model that provided high quality B2B leads with almost no 'noise' and a good rate of unique and convertible prospects. Results were delivered in time and communication was smooth and constructive.``
Markus MittendorfAbteilungsleiter CRM, Messe Frankfurt

What makes us special

Glanos NLP

Glanos NLP has an inbuilt knowledge and real understanding of the subtleties, ambiguities and domain specificities of language. We have worked for over ten years to create the most powerful AI. It combines traditional rule-based approaches with modern Machine Learning methods, ensuring both robustness and accuracy in problem solving.

Useful for real-world challenges

Profit from our expertise collecting and transforming domain proficiency into algorithms and generate output that is correct with regards to precision and recall and which is tailored to your business needs.


Transparency is the core quality criterion when it comes to Machine Learning and algorithms. Each stage in our workflow is explainable and traceable to make sure that we get the most trustworthy results for our customers.

Translating your business logic

Gain real business value from news and complex textual data. The Glanos AI maps business logic and existing workflows to the intrinsic structures of natural language, bridging the gap to the wealth of data out there.

The benefits of Natural Language Processing

Free unstructured text such as news articles, job offers, sensitive internal documents or company web pages require specific know-how for analysis in order to produce meaningful, reliable and consistent insights:
NLP unlocks insights from unstructured data which represents more than 90 % of all available information.
Our smart NLP algorithms extract data continuously, fast and precisely for you.
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How does my AI department benefit from you?

AI and data science departments are great partners for us – we bring in a robust and granular NLP engine based on more than ten years of development that produces meaningful signals from day 1, whereas further analysis and aggregation, visualization and integration into internal tools often remains in the realm of AI/data science departments. This is not a necessity though – we offer solutions that can be directly used by departments such as marketing, sales, operations, strategy and research.

Where do you go beyond existing services like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft etc.?

Let us put up a test: We are confident that our NLP engine produces more specific, more accurate and overall more useful results with less noise, less unexplainable bad results and fewer running costs. Also: how much of a competitive advantage will you gain by using the same services that are available to everyone else?

What makes your business data special?

Glanos business data is generated from a broad variety of sources, contains nascent start-ups and hidden champions. It comes with rich attributes that indicate lead quality for your specific business.

How does your output look like?

Output format can range from Excel spreadsheets to APIs to Web dashboards. Typically, each result contains details on where a specific information was gathered (such as a link to a news article, a text snippet) highlighting the actual text from which a specific insight was derived and finally a confidence or reliability scoring.

What is your pricing model?

A typical arrangement consists of a perpetual software license (often per seat, enterprise licenses are available as well) and a maintenance or upgrade service for subsequent years. For business data, we typically offer per-record pricing with flexible terms on volumes and duration.

What data points are available? What is the limit of what you can do?

We gather signals that are publicly available on news sites, on company web pages or job offers. Through our partnerships with content providers, we access pay-walled news content and industry specific publications. However, there is no magic “sneak behind the curtain” – if data is protected, e.g. behind a login, protected by Captcha or not publicly available, we cannot bypass such a protection either.

Can you show me your results?

Please get in touch with us for a hands-on demonstration of our software products. We offer trial periods (up to three months, including workshops) for a price that only covers our expenses (see the details on our product pages). For our business data, we are happy to provide you with free sample data based on your selection criteria.

Do you offer custom software development?

We offer customization of our software products, but we do not engage in custom software development where we hand out source code.

How can I integrate your solutions?

We offer various integration methods: software running in the cloud and accessible via APIs, on-premise installation (typically for or data delivery services where you get a regular feed of results as JSON, CSV or Excel.

What languages do you cover?

Our main languages are English and German. We support other European languages for news monitoring and anonymization purposes. We also expand our language footprint regularly. Get in touch with us to learn about current capabilities.

Contact Us

Please contact us on For product inquiries call +49 89 998 299 157 or arrange a meeting. If you want to apply for a job, please send your CV to or leave a message on the answering machine and we will call you back.