Your friendly AI-Assistant for systematic news analysis

Detect business risks and opportunities efficiently and collaboratively.

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Covering all relevant company events

Positive & negative signals

Detect positive or negative events faster and enhance reaction time.

Who with whom

Unveil networks and strategic positioning through partnerships, suppliers or M&A activities.

Products & projects

Be the first to know about new products and services and follow up on success or failure.

Company group events

Understand company group structures and monitor events related to parents and subsidiaries, M&A, and spin-offs.

Key personnel

Follow executives and key players in management, statements and press appearance.

Financials & stocks

Stay up-to-date on stocks, financial assets, annual general meetings, announcements, IPOs etc.

Legal & governance

Get early warnings on legal proceedings, fines, litigation and regulations.

Awards & events

Keep your calender updated on events, awards and organizational happenings.

Get relevant data and make your team members experts in detecting and solving problems


Less resources


Faster reaction time


More results


More team satisfaction

How it works

Separating signal from noise from millions of news
24/7 news scans

Our cutting edge NLP machine scans millions of news articles – fully automated all around the clock.

Tagging the relevant

The AI reads through the articles like a business analyst and marks relevant snippets. The sequences are tagged, classified and collected in the Glanos database.

Based on high quality sources

We offer best-in-class breadth through premium news-content providers as well as our own public data ingestions, e.g. web pages.

Integrate into your landscape

We offer integrations into common tools like Slack, MS Teams and CRMs.

Advanced insights for data analytic professionals

Less tedious collection of data - more time for applying your core expertise. Work with concentrated gems of information - data-science ready.
Fast overview

Get snippets containing the most relevant core information in an intuitive dashboard.

Smart AI meta-data and structured sentiment

Relevant meta data is tagged and structured sentiment that tells precisely what was criticised or praised is added. Ready to be aggregated for instant insights.

Data analytics-ready

The highly concentrated snippets provide an excellent basis for further data analytics.

Discover the use cases of our clients

We cover a wide spectrum of monitoring and discovery use cases.
Prepare analysis, presentations and studies. More efficient and objective than ever through AI. helps you to
  • Track industry developments
  • Monitor STEEPLE – social, technological, economical, ecological, polictical, legal or ethical
  • Prepare popular analysis approaches like SWOT, PEST etc.
Lead generation, marketing, sales
Detect your next leads by discovering activities in your field - stay up-to-date with all events your partners are involved in.
  • Detect the most innovative start-up in your area
  • Keep track on your contact persons and management changes
  • Be prepared for your next meeting by knowing recent events
Understand current trends to enable an informed basis to plan and continuously adjust your strategy.
  • Detect disruptive events early
  • Be aware of external factors to your strategy such as regulations
  • Understand and prepare for long-time trends
Competitor analysis
With you can
  • Track investments and fundings
  • Follow on product development
  • Analyze strategic objectives, partnerships and announcements
  • Stay up to date with competitors’ major events like M&A, deals and partnerships
Monitor the health, reliability and accessibility of your suppliers
The new-monitor alerts you on major events like M&A, health status changes or problems in real time.
  • Supplier Health
  • Supplier Products
  • Impediments like factory, staffing or monetary problems
Complete your KYC-obligations
Supports your initial, continuous and periodical research.
  • Get a complete overview in minimal time to fulfill your obligations
  • News research within minutes instead of days. Get alerts when problems arise or major changes happen.
  • Monitor all relevant signals like company health, products, staffing, developments and supplier relations.
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We offer custom news monitoring for your specific needs and use cases

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