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“Can I get all businesses selling drones in Switzerland sorted by land, air and water?”
“Can I get all software businesses in France that got acquired by Google last year?”
“Can I get all German logistics companies that have major customers, founded after 2018?“

Yes. You can. With Glanos.

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AI-powered B2B data

  • Comprehensive databases on universities, researchers, B2B products, skills and service offer keywords.
  • The data is primarily obtained from company web pages and processed by smart algorithms to achieve an optimal trade-off between high relevance and completeness.
  • The database is updated constantly, always reflecting latest events.
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Why crawling is not enough

Simply scraping online sources and directories is not enough: You end up with outdated data, duplicates and errors.

Glanos data comes with corrected postal addresses, additional phone numbers, web pages URLs, e-mails and firmographic data.

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Multi-sourcing data

Glanos business data records are always backed up by more than just one source providing a high level of accuracy.

Our database of company information has grown over many years and provides uniquely rich data for your individual use cases.

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AI-powered business data - useful for many applications

Glanos business data enables a variety of use cases. With our AI-enriched data, we help you in your specific area.
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Lead generation

Select very granular criteria that fit your needs perfectly

Lookalike model

Find leads that are similar to your existing customers

Directories & verticals

Build up directories and verticals

Lead scoring and segmentation

Add prioritization to your funnel


Get corrected and updated CRMs automatically

Be ahead

Let the AI work for you and save time and manpower


Is customization possible?

Yes! Unique selection criteria based on analyzing the digital footprint of leads: news articles, job offers, company web pages – these can be adapted and enriched on a custom basis for your specific industry needs.

What sources are analyzed?

Glanos business data goes beyond traditional sources and taps into new and unchartered territories: unstructured data pools such as company web pages, job offers, news articles, social media data along company registration sites (official registers).

What additional functions to Excel do you offer?

It can be exported as Excel – on fire. Automatically updated every day/week/month, Glanos business data is more than a static and soon-to-be stale lead list. Our business data is also available as API and can be directly hooked into your CRM.

What companies are covered?

Data on private and smaller caps/SMEs is usually hard to get  –  Glanos collects signals from millions of company web pages that never appear in standard business data sets such as company registers (Handelsregister or Companies house). If it is possible to find, we will find it.

Is API/CRM integration possible?

Yes! Glanos business data can be integrated into different CRMs and can be offered via API.

Can you provide new leads on a consistent basis?

Yes! Glanos business data can be used as a new business feed: fresh leads coming in on a regular basis, e.g. each week.


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