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A university research project and a lot of passion for data grew into a successful business for cutting-edge NLP products.
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Our Story

Glanos goes back to 2013, but its founders have known each other much, much longer. We build our core products combining the best Natural Language Processing methods available with our own proprietary software stack.
Everything started on the Upper Bavarian countryside ...

... where we, Christian and Gerhard, the founders of Glanos, met in 7th grade in High school near the river Glonn (hence: Glanos) and have been best friends since then. Being ambitious tech-savvy youngsters in a rural area is not always easy, but we stand stronger together. It has always been clear to us that one day we would start a company together and realize our dream to make repetitive manual tasks superfluous and boost efficiency using computational methods.

We tried a lot and learned even more

As soon as we both had finished our PhDs in computational linguistics and mathematics, the exciting journey began. We listened carefully to what our customers needed and developed user-focused expertise and experience in the area of text mining, business data and news monitoring to create transparent, adjustable and highly accurate solutions for acquiring, processing and refining large data sets.

Our team ...

... grew steadily and together we are working on identifying and delivering the best business data for our customers use cases with precision and passion. While we are still rooted in Natural Language Processing, we go beyond the “tech can cure all” paradigm and reflect how our solutions can provide a measurable benefit to clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Glanos was founded to help businesses make better decisions. We relieve researchers and analysts from repetitive manual tasks and multiply their efficiency.
Social responsibility

We consider ethical aspects of artificial intelligence such as data economy, bias and transparency. Therefore, we take our social responsibility as a solution provider seriously.


Our products are more than algorithms that work 'somehow'. We provide comprehensive and quality-assured data as the basis for decision making.


With every new prototype and pilot project, we test the limits of what is possible and learn how to make newest technologies usable.


Lindwurmstr. 217, 80337 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 998 299 150

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Please contact us on For product inquiries call +49 89 998 299 157 or arrange a meeting. If you want to apply for a job, please send your CV to or leave a message on the answering machine and we will call you back.