Anonymize documents automatically

Make confidential documents shareable and sanitised in alignment with legal obligations. Remove privacy-related blockers to document processing.
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What makes unique?

  • Highly customizable:

    • Extensions to all types of confidential data are possible
    • Lots of available settings and preconfigured scenarios available
    • Train the AI according to your needs
    • Premium service available for ultimate fitting

  • Deep text understanding: Glanos’ unique NLP technology understands textual content and goes beyond counting occurrences – it semantically analyzes unstructured text and uncovers meaning.
  • Active research: Active collaborations with universities and unique NLP approaches for state-of-the-art AI results.
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Discover anonymization use cases

Passing confidential documents

Typical corporate processes involve passing confidential documents to external or internal processors (e.g. translators, auditors, consultants or subject matter experts) which have different access and viewing permissions.

Cloud services

Ensure that you can pass data to third-party cloud solutions, like AWS/Azure/Dropbox cloud storage, AI engines, machine translation etc.

GDPR / DSGVO regulated data

Secure storage is needed not only for highly confidential but also for person-related data, regulated by GDPR / DSGVO. Protect your customers' privacy.

Disclosure requirements

In many industries, legal obligations require publishing documents in anonymized form (e.g. results of bank stress tests).

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